to die for garden decor

Feb 10, 2014

Some weeks I forget to go outside.   Seriously. I love my PJs. I can waste entire days on the Internet on my iPhone. Siri and I sort of have a thing. Don’t ask.   Despite my budding agoraphobia brought on by my blue-to-Sinead-O’Connor ‘do, I feel a strong pull to dig my hands in […]

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Sochi was preparing for 2022. Oops.

Sochi Problems and Quicky Desi ...

Feb 08, 2014

For some reason twitter has become a blast lately! I think it has to do with this little thing called tweet chats. Hit me up if you want to know what they are. It really is relevant, but hold your horses. Now let’s move on to Sochi. Specifically #sochiproblems.   Sochi, oh dear.    I […]

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Mixed Use

Applying Mixed Use Development ...

Feb 06, 2014

  Before a tumor ate a piece of my spine, my world revolved around commercial real estate development. One “trendy” concept was to go old school and mix it up a bit. I say old school because our immigrant ancestors to America often lived in the space above their restaurant, grocery, blacksmith refinery or other […]

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